4 Importance of Community Work

There are many aspects intertwined, with regards to the issue of Community work or Community Services. People do community work for several reasons, it is something like to each his own. It is for you to analyze, what you are helping others for, and if you find it worthwhile. The purpose of service can be varied for each individual or group.

Sense of Responsibility
Every country wants its youth and citizens to be disciplined and work for a change. Community service is the best way to instill this sense of responsibility in them. To add another dimension to the aspect of reform, many judicial systems have recognized this and they have been assigning such projects to law breakers for a long time. Inmates are asked to participate in cleaning roads, beaches, etc. This brings discipline and reform in the life of a convict, particularly those who are young. Such convicts have a good chance to turn over a new leaf by doing such projects.

Good Moral Values
Moral values like honesty, humbleness, gratefulness, respect, non-judgmental, sincerity are some of the virtues to be learned from serving the community. Unfortunately, these cannot be taught in the classroom. Due to all these reasons, parents are sending their kids regularly, and in larger numbers, for such activities. This gives them a good feeling of having done something for others. The children learn to think beyond ‘I, me, myself’ and get a wider perspective of life.

Unity Among All
Another reason why people promote it because it can become a vehicle for getting a nation together. It can almost be like the focal point of a nation, as there is a major emphasis on doing good for others. This is mostly driven by religious and political corridors.
Changing Dreams into Reality
There are times when we think of what we have gained in life and what we had dreamed of achieving. Sometimes what we think, never turns into reality. But, such dreams can often lead to a detour. We can still do what we love and help those around us. This can be anything from helping maintain a library, to help a sports coach, be a teacher, and can think of many ideas. This service would not let any of your talent go in vain, that is one of the best part of participating in it. Sometimes helping others dreams can give us immense satisfaction and joy. It can take us to a different spiritual level all together.
Significance of this service ultimately depends on how you perceive it. Such programs are meant to instill a sense of civic engagement and community in children. The more the number of hours children put in, it will automatically help them in achieving their developmental, social, and educational goals.

Community service has further increased and spread as a result of lot of celebrities and public figures, endorsing it. What is more, even corporate world has recognized its benefits and are helping the cause by indulging in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This is where I end my treatise on this topic. Take care of yourselves and others